How to Build On Demand Grocery Delivery App?

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3 min readFeb 19, 2024
on demand grocery delivery app

Online shopping is booming, mainly because we tend to procrastinate. From Christmas gifts to groceries, we prefer the ease of ordering online over traditional store visits.

With the pandemic, businesses are considering app development to meet the demand for online services. As experts in no-code app development, we’re often asked about creating apps for grocery orders, on-demand delivery, and supporting small businesses.

Most of us find grocery shopping a chore, but online options have made it convenient. Everyone, regardless of age, now relies on grocery apps for doorstep deliveries.

To understand how a grocery app can benefit your business, let’s explore the different types of grocery delivery apps available.

Types of grocery delivery apps

Grocery delivery apps have gained popularity, but to stand out, you need to focus on a specific type. Here are the two main types:

1. Aggregator apps:
These apps collaborate with local grocery stores, allowing users to choose from a list of stores. As the app owner, you connect customers with stores, while stores handle order fulfillment and delivery.

2. Dedicated apps:
In this model, you, as the app owner, manage order completions. Local stores sign up as sellers, and you oversee a delivery fleet. Your app handles all online orders and deliveries.

Why are grocery apps popular?

1. Time-saving:
No more driving to the store or wandering through aisles. With a grocery app, you can finish your shopping in minutes, not hours, and even opt for same-day delivery.

2. Money-saving:
Easily compare offers from multiple stores to find the best deals without physically hunting for them. Plus, digital coupons eliminate the hassle of searching through your purse for expired ones.

3. Convenience for others:
Whether it’s delivering groceries to a sick family member or ensuring your independent kid has essentials, grocery apps make it simple to shop for loved ones, no matter the distance.

4. Avoiding impulse buys:
Say goodbye to those last-minute purchases at the checkout counter. Grocery apps help you stick to your list, preventing unnecessary spending and ensuring you get what you need.

Must-have features for your grocery delivery app

Before we dive into the essential features for your grocery delivery app, it’s vital to recognize that such an app typically consists of four distinct versions: admin, store owner, customer, and delivery personnel. Now, let’s explore the must-have features for each:

Let’s list out the features one by one:

Here’s a breakdown of essential features for each version of your grocery delivery app:

Admin App:
1. Order Management Dashboard: Track all orders and their statuses.
2. Inventory Management: Monitor product availability for efficient order handling.
3. Order Acceptance/Rejection: Manage orders based on product availability.
4. Customer Management: Engage customers with push notifications and promotions.
5. Feedback and Ratings: Gather feedback to enhance overall customer experience.

Store Owner App:
1. Profile Management: Customize store profiles for brand recognition.
2. Store Locator: Help customers find nearby stores for delivery.
3. Live Tracking: Enable real-time delivery tracking for efficient communication.
4. Store Pickup: Allow customers to choose pickup options for added flexibility.

Customer App:
1. Registration: Easy sign-up and login process.
2. Store and Product Browsing: Browse through available stores and products.
3. Filtered Search: Find items using various filters for convenience.
4. Multiple Payment Options: Provide diverse payment methods for customer convenience.
5. Order Tracking: Keep customers informed about delivery statuses.
6. Reviews and Ratings: Allow customers to leave feedback for stores and delivery personnel.

Delivery Personnel App:
1. Registration: Simple registration process.
2. Order Delivery History: Track completed and pending orders.
3. Notifications: Receive alerts for incoming deliveries.
4. GPS Navigation: Navigate efficiently using GPS for pickups and deliveries.

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